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About Us

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Since its inception in the mid 2015, Omnitech Company Limited has undertaken various major national development projects around Myanmar. Its lustrous professionalism began with the development of the Bawkyo-Lashio Union Highway Road in Mandalay, a direct link road to Kyegaung China in 1996. Since then it has been tasked with various National projects all over Myanmar. Its rapid expansion compelled Omnitech Company Limited to diversify its business not just locally but more so regionally. From providing infra, Omnitech Company Limited is a registered Limited Liability Company under Myanmar Company Act since 1994-1995 fiscal year and established in Yangon, Myanmar. The company had bloomed in couple of years and the company reformed Group of Companies with specialist discipline companies.

Omni Tech Company is a technological company and specializein personal bio-data, recording and keeping information, analysis, verification by biometric technology, issuance Seafarers' Identity Document (SID) Card, complete solution of personalization, Key Manage Syste (NPKI / NPKD).

Integrated Biometric Solution
Seafarer Identity Document System
Automated Fingerprint Identification
IT Management Solution
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In order to service such as per below mentioned which is specialized solution, we have recruited during the last 2 years many new IT and security documents and solution research in order to develop specialist to purely focus in them.

E-Government System Project
National Verification System Project
Travel Document System Project
Seafarer Identity Document System Project


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Omnitech Company Limited provides this service to various key government agencies from administration to law enforcement. Omnitech Company Limited built, develop and transfer the system as well provide the training the end-users. It also provide the maintenance and support services to ensure that the system continue running and provide the economic benefit to the users for long term period

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Thein Than
Founder & Chairman
Thuzar Mon
Managing Director
Thant Zin Swe
Managing Director
Thida Oo